Amanda Habisrittinger

Interior Designer

Inspired Interiors is a Bath-based design studio led by interior designer Amanda Habisrittinger. Regularly featured in leading UK interior design magazines, our service evolved from nine years as The Inspired Maker – a bespoke interiors showroom renowned for style innovation and craftsmanship run with her husband Mark Habisrittinger.

Specialising in properties in and around Bath, we strive to create premium spaces that strike a sophisticated balance between old and new. Projects range from full renovation of contemporary and listed buildings, to creating that perfect living area or private room. We’ve also created invigorating commercial space and transformed a country estate into modern, five star splendour. On every brief, Inspired Interiors prides itself on complementing the character of the property, while aligning comfort and practicality with luxuriously stylish design.

Through time and effort we’ve built a network of exceptionally gifted and professional trades people. We also work closely with leading Architects, Surveyors and Developers to achieve results that are of the highest standard, adding value to our clients’ properties. Relationships are equally important to us. We’re happy for clients to have as much or as little involvement as they prefer. What matters most is that they are enthused with the quality of work and inspired by the enhanced lifestyle their new interior provides.